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A rich and ancient world was shattered by a war between the Gods. A war that has now ceased and the gods have thankfully abandoned the material realm. Scattered amid the flooded wreckage of the world, pockets of brave souls have begun to rebuild civilisation. Now is a time when brave adventurers can leave their mark on the world, or die in new and unforeseen ways!

A small town perches on an island, a bright spark, a bastion of safety and comfort.

From this town parties of adventurers depart, each hoping to find a treasure lost in the cataclysm that broke the world, to clear the region of enemies who threaten the safety of the town, or just to find glory they can boast of on their return.

A large Tavern sits on the edge of the town square, it is here adventurers meet, swap tales, and arrange ventures.

A rich and ancient world...